About the Artist

Robert Palumbo was born in Southern New Jersey and now resides in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania located a half hour west of the greater Philadelphia area. Bob has served as a pastor with the Association of Vineyard Churches for 43 years and plans to retire soon to devote more of his time and energy to his art.


Bob comes from a family of artistic talent and has been involved in drawing and sketching as far back as he can remember. He developed a more serious interest in the early 1990's in painting the impressionist style. Through copying the works of Claude Monet, most of which are included on this website, Bob began his self-taught journey toward learning the art of painting with oils. His inspiration comes from the great Impressionist painters such as Monet, Cezanne, Renoir and Van Gogh.


Because of the demands of his work with the church, Bob didn't paint for about 12 years. He again picked up the brush in 2012 and began to further hone his skills, at this time in the acrylic medium. Presently he works exclusively with oils and began taking lessons in painting fundamentals from Randall Graham who has a studio located at the Gallery 222 in Malvern, PA. Bob has enjoyed learning from Randall and believes what he is learning is becoming evident in the quality of work he is producing. Bob also loves the plein air approach to painting and intends to execute most of his future work out doors.


Besides painting, Bob plays the guitar, enjoys his children and grandchildren and loves eating good food and drinking fine wine with his wife and best friend Marilyn.

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